Sex Offender Party House Located!

OK, so there’s a law in California that says a maximum of 6 sex offenders can live at one location. Well, turns out there might be a whopping 31 of them living at The Rochester House – 1932 West Rochester Circle. Of course, this was outed by some news station, but Assemblyman Mark Ridley-Thomas and Councilman Bernard Parks who have some kind of say in that are are apparently “getting right on it.” There has been confirmation that at least 25 sex offenders live at the “sober living facility” with crimes ranging from lewd and lascivious acts with a child under 14 to rape. And just to make you smile, yes the house is located right near a bunch of schools and parks. Here’s a Google Maps link to the location so you can check and see how close you are but just for discussion, it’s south of Jefferson, north of Exposition, east of Crenshaw and west of Western.

3 thoughts on “Sex Offender Party House Located!”

  1. How broad is your moral and legal definition of lewd and lascivious? It might just include 96% of the population. (the other 4% being so heavily drugged it’s not an issue)


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