Holy Streets!

If there’s one thing you can count on after heavy rains, it’s potholes. Maybe I’m a little late in noticing them, and I know that the canyons and their mudslides get all the attention but weeks later as the depression from the relentless rains ebbs these are really getting on my nerves. Now, I admit, we’ve got nothin’ on those eastern/northern climes where the freezing & thawing brings up some massive potholes, but we’ve got some doozies out there.

This one at the beginning of Santa Monica got me twice (when it was filled to the brim with water). Of course it’s easier to avoid when they put up those hazard easels. That’s at least a four inch drop there on the high side! Be careful out there while the city gets to all of them.

I’ve noticed that Santa Monica is being resurfaced too – right now they’ve scraped off the top layer from Virgil to Normandie. I can’t wait for the new smoooooth ride to work!

4 thoughts on “Holy Streets!”

  1. Yeah, but in the eastern/northern climes the pot holes get fixed before they get so big they cause accidents.

  2. Please call 3-1-1 to report potholes. It works from all land lines in the city of L.A. and from most cell phones; if your cell service can’t reach it, call (213) 978 3231. Many potholes have been reported and crews are working through the ones on their lists. But there may be some out there that city workers don’t know about.

  3. Damn rocks the get kicked out of those potholes can be bad too – one put a hole in my oil pan and my engine seized. Yay for LA in the rain. ; )

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