Got Something On My Mind

If I could hobble my battered, post-marathon self
over to my polling place and do my civic duty, why
not shrug off that apathy, head on over to yours,
and do your duty, too.

3 thoughts on “Got Something On My Mind”

  1. I went on my way to work with the confidence that there’d be no line – and boy was I right! I signed in and there was only one other person on my “page” that had voted at 8:30 AM. In the general elections it’s usually 1/3 filled by that hour.

  2. I was the only voter there when I wobbled in and one of the pollworkers was flat out, head-down-on-the-table asleep. Gonna be a long lonely day for them, and I was first person to sign in on my page. When I signed in, the other poll worker that wasn’t asleep when I walked in saw that I was a southpaw and remarked in surprise that about 25% of the voters so far had been lefties. Of course I facetiously asked if I was the fourth voter so far or maybe the eighth, but she didn’t catch the sarcasm and said very seriously that there had been many more. How many? “Like 20.” Sheesh.

  3. I love having a reason to leave the house! Not that I had far to go — my polling place is right across the street. I think there were two other people voting at the same time. The workers were really friendly even though I accidentally went to the wrong table (maybe I subconsciously felt like I belonged at the blue table, but the red table was handling my district).

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