LA Public Library Search for Firefox

Ask and ye shallo receive. Well, if you are Josh Kamensky and you are asking the LA Public Library for a FireFox search plug-in anyway. the other day he made a request and shortly afterwards this file was created. It adds a LAPL pulldown to the search window in FireFox and is very cool. At this point it’s beta and a bit rough so you’ll have to know what you are doing to install it, but stay tuned as a more polished auto installer version is on the way soon.

5 thoughts on “LA Public Library Search for Firefox”

  1. See Colon Backslash… harumph. Howsabout some love for those few and proud of us on Apple contraptions?

  2. Will, go to and opt-click and select show package contents. Browse to contents/macos/searchplugins and dump the files in that folder. fire up firefox and it’ll be there.

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