Industrious Homeboys

A few days ago, Sean inquired after good screen printing in L.A. I posted in the comments section about Homeboy Industries’ terrific silkscreen division, but they did such a good job on our Evidence Room tees that I felt honor-bound to give them the more public props I’d intended to before three last-minute design gigs from hell took over my life.

First off, the Homeboy Industries ethos rocks long and hard. Founded as an organization to provide gang members, at-risk youth and those recently released from detention with job placement and other mainstreaming services, Homeboy has grown several businesses from the ground up that generate jobs as well as serving the community in other ways.

But back to the t-shirts. They are of great quality, in terms of both printing and materials, and Homeboy turned things around quickly and at a great price. On a really, really small order, we’re able to sell the shirts for ten bucks and cover our costs. (We could charge $12 and make a profit, but we’re really more about the advertising right now.)

Anyway, after all this talk about gang-related stuff, I feel kind of stupid posting a picture that looks like me throwing out the signs, but I swear it’s just the limited flexibility that comes with middle-age.

Maybe it’s time for Homeboy Yoga Studios…

2 thoughts on “Industrious Homeboys”

  1. Colleen, you can so slug me after I see you in “Flow My Tears” on March 19, but I can’t help but wonder if you’re pointing at the shirt or the proof that it was cold outside.

  2. Damn. You totally busted me. I’m always directing people to the headlights.

    You will not, however, be seeing me onstage at FMT. I’m strictly audience this time around. Acting really cuts into my bourbon-drinking time…

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