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I ran into the Ice Cream Man today in front of MTV in Santa Monica. At first glance, I thought it was a regular old Ice Cream Man and I raced to grab myself a nice Choco-Taco or a delicious Rocket Pop. After deciding on the Choco-Taco, I tried to pay for it.

“It’s free,” the Ice Cream man told me.

I laughed. “Riiiight. How much?”

“No, it really is free,” he told me.

“What’s going on?” I asked him.

This was no regular old Ice Cream Man. He explained to me that he is trying to give Ice Cream away all over the country. I’m not sure exactly what’s going on here, but he did give me a numbered (551 out of 1500) DVD which has a few interesting movies and news clips about this guy’s travels within LA and specifically, Ashland, CA OREGON. It’s pretty interesting and entertaining. It’s hard to tell what the point of it all is, but the editing is great and the DVD is really well done. You know how sometimes you catch wind of something before everyone else does and you know it’s something that’s gonna make bigger news someday? That’s what this felt like.

Anyone know anything else about this guy or what he’s doing?

4 thoughts on “Ice Cream Man dot Com”

  1. I saw this guy or his truck at the last All Tomorrows Parties show in Long Beach. I guess it’s a PR type gig more that anything.

  2. Just a couple things.
    a) It is Ashland, Oregon not CA
    b) Love the blog I am glad you think THE ICM is great I do to.

    Infact I drove him to buy the truck you saw but then it was a little junkier.(If that is a word)

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