Blogging The Marathon

So it’s 4:32 a.m. and I’m about to head down to the start line of the L.A. Acura Bike Tour to be one of some 20,000 cyclists to ride most of the marathon course in the wee hours of the morn.

And theeeeeeeeen? Then after that 22-mile “warm-up” ride I’m going to head my lunatic self up to the marathon start line as one of its 25,000 entrants and I will commence walking (not running or jogging) the entire course as well. If all goes well I’ll be crossing the finish line somewhere around 3 p.m. If all goes not well… well, you can find out by visiting my Day at the Marathon blog for that you-are-there experience you just can’t get watching the NBC broadcast of the event. I’ll be posting blurry phone-cam pix from the course and expletive-laced audio commentary every step of the way. Well, not every one. Perhaps every couple thousand steps. Yikes!

11 thoughts on “Blogging The Marathon”

  1. It was amazing out on the course. I went out to cheer Will on at miles 20-22 and there are sooooo many more people out there than when he and I did it in ’03. All types participating in the challenge and so many folks out there cheering them on.

    YaY for LA!

  2. Bill, your blog for today with the pictures and the audio is AWESOME!

    You ought to collect it together, and edit it into a movie, Ken Burns-style.

  3. AK!

    I meant, WILL. Not Bill.

    I was thinking Wild Bill while I was typing.

    You get one free turn to call me “Will” now.


  4. I think it’s safe to say that Will the the supperist-athlete of all of Maybe even all LA bloggers. Damn, way to go man!

  5. Thanks for the kind words everyone. It is the morning after and I’m debating on calling in sick (disabled is more like it). Every muscle and joint from my toes to my hips is locked up, and I’ve got this matching pair of blisters on the heels of my feet that make me walk like Ed Grimley in painfully slow motion. You know how if you stand with your feet apart and lift one leg up bent at the knee so that your thigh is perpindicular to your body… simple right? Well, I can’t do that right now. Hopefully someday that basic motor skill will return.


    The bike tour was a breeze and the marathon itself was going great until mile 10. Then it was just steadily increasing unmitigated torture and all I kept telling myself was to keep moving ó however slowly ó and that every step I took put me that much closer to the finish line, which I crossed in abject agony at 7:43:31.

    Next time ó not that there’s going to be a next tme ó it might be a good idea if I did SOME training.

  6. Having a bike tour right before the marathon is a cool idea. Never heard of that before. How long has these tours been done?

    Congrats on finishing. If you’re interested in stats on this marathon, check out my blog.

  7. Thanks Ken. The bike tour always seems to be the best kept secret of marathon day. I’ve done it every year since its inception in 1995. During those 10 years it’s drastically changed course, too. It first followed the old marathon course up from start line near the Sports Center on Fig up into downtown around Chinatown then across Hollywood and down south and east back to the Colliseum. Year Two found it beginning at the Mann’s Chinese Theater and progressing east across Hollywood to downtown south to Exposition and then west and north back to finish at Vine Street and Hollywood Blvd. The next couple years found it starting near Ford’s Theater on Cahuenga and ending back upupup at City Walk in Universal City. After that it’s pretty much started and ended around USC.

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