As good as it gets

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So this is what its like to sit a few rows from Jack Nicholson at a basketball game. Normally, it be pretty expensive to be in this section, although, “Jack” and I missed each other by 20 years and instead of Magic Johnson and Larry Bird dribbling the ball, players like Amir Johnson and Jamal Boykin faced off in midcourt.

This was the boys basketball city championship game played between Westchester and Fairfax High School at the Fabulous Forum – My cousin an I had always wondered what happened to that arena and I guess they still play high school basketball games there in addition to church services on Sunday. The crowd was excited, boys looking at girls and other boys sneakers…limited edition man, girls looking back and adults shaking each others hands as if they went back from back in the day. And maybe they did. There was quite the community feel to it and although the game itself initially went back and forth, the fans supported both teams and applauded on a good play regardless of who shot or blocked or dribble the “rock” as they say in the urban vernacular. Westchester eventually won the game although I think everyone went home happy.

Maybe Nicholson forgot their was a game tonight or he was off shooting some movie. I don’t really know although it only cost me 12.00 for the seat. And that was all right.

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  1. I don’t mean to be a picky bastard, but what’s with the spelling/grammar mistakes. I know that this is only a blog, but I usually expect a little more from I’m sure someone will point out the umpteen grammatical errors in my post, but then I don’t get to wtite for this blog do I? (bitter) Sorry, I guess I’m just in a crappy mood today.

  2. Sorry ’bout all the spelling and grammar errors although I hope you’re having a better day.

    Incidentally, if you pay large sums of money to BloggingLA, you can write for them too. At least thats what they keep telling me when they ask me for my check.

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