Deadpan Bedpan

mildred.jpgYeah, OK, I’ve been suckered ó and it’s not even close to April Fools Day. This may be old news to my long-timer neighbors, but dangit if while me and the dog waited on the outskirts of the Silver Lake farmer’s market this morning as my baby did some veggie shopping, I wasn’t getting all set to end my drought of posts by singing the praises of one Mildred P. Flaggerty whose name I found engraved on a small brass plaque attached to the so-fugly-its-endearing fountain at the center of small triangle-shaped park here on Sunset Boulevard across from the 99-Cents Store.

fountain.jpgAt least before making a complete fool of myself I managed to call on my last remaining shreds of journalistic initiative and skepticism and seek confirmation of Mildred’s purported achievement as nothing less than the “inventor of the bedpan.” Looking at the fountain’s decidedly bedpan-shaped basins, I thought it strange ó but then this is Silver Lake. Odd is God.

But a Google search of her name quickly yielded a link to Los Angeles magazine’s May 2004 Buzzcuts feature that fully and forever debunked my fervor and instead left me feeling like a dweeb for falling for such bogusness:

“The fountain in the little traffic island at Griffith Park and Sunset boulevards in Silver Lake unintentionally resembles a bedpan, but Councilman Eric Garcetti’s office says it can’t explain who placed the bogus plaque there that honors one Mildred P. Flaggerty, the supposed inventor of the bedpan.”

Oh well, the plaque giveth and the facts taketh away.