Fast screen printing in LA?

Does anyone know of a good quality screen printer who can turn around a run of t-shirts and or vinyl stickers in under a week? They’d probably need to be here in LA or near by to keep shipping from getting in the way. I know someone who has a job they need to send in right away but time is of the essence. Any pointers would rock. Thanks!

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  1. Try audrey at cyco-tee’s. She’s in west LA. I have gotten my shirts done between 1 and 2 weeks dependent upon the amount I have ordered and how busy she is. Her number is: 310 398-8661

  2. Call Homeboy Industries. They’ve got a silkscreen division, they’re right in the ‘hood and they did an AMAZING job on our Evidence Room Ts a couple of weeks ago. As in, a two-day turnaround (it was just a one-color shirt, however–if you’re doing multiple passes, it’ll take longer anywhere).

    Plus, they’re all about getting at-risk kids OUT and up. And the prices were INCREDIBLE!!!

    I’ve been meaning to post about them but haven’t had anyone to take a pic of me in the shirt!

    Silkscreen division is (213) 623-7955

  3. Sure. Here ya go, he’s a friend of mine who was just here yesterday. He can even take an image and print it on canvas, windowscreens, anything really….. His name is Rashantha De Silva, he is located downtown and his number is 213-747-1385..
    good luck

  4. I want to star my own line of silk screen printed t-shirts.
    Do you know of a good screener who would print in small quantiies?

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