There’s gonna be a war


There’s been questions here about the difference between graffiti and tagging (see photo above) and the the difference, even if you don’t want to believe it is graffiti is someone trying to make art, while tagging is someone trying to send a message. If you live in Silver Lake like I do, you’ve seen a lot of messages around recently. And in case you can’t translate it, these messages say there’s going to be a war.

Two gangs – Silver Lake 13 and 18th Street (XV3) are arguing over territory. The past few days there’s been more tagging than I’ve seen since I moved into Silver Lake. Tags are up in the morning, counter tags are on top of them by afternoon, walls are painted over by evening and the whole thing has started up again by morning. Every surface on Michaelterina about a block north of Sunset is covered. You can barely tell that the walls used to be tan due to the insane amount of brown and red spray paint covering every inch. People are pissed, and I’m not talking about building owners.

What does all this mean? Well unless you are in one of those gangs not a lot. There will probably be a lot of tagging, a lot of repainting, and probably some gun shots. I’ll try to take some more photos later on, I was kind of in a rush this morning and couldn’t get a clear shot of the wall I really wanted. I’d like to get a few shots of the same wall and show the progression. I’ll see what I can do.

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  1. Count the Temple Street gang in as well. Last week they hit the garage doors of a multi-unit residence on Occidental, just south of Sunset. The city came out and painted it the next day and then SL13 sprayed it the day after. the city covered that up a couple days ago.

  2. Ah, I haven’t seen Temple Street yet but I wouldn’t be surprised if there were several other gangs involved, that would explain the sudden jump.

  3. Wonder if that street was previously neutral territory – i mean, why all of a sudden this eruption of boundries. Things like this don’t happen in a vacumn.

  4. Sean–it does mean something to the rest of us. It means a police force stretched thin, it means drive-by bullets hitting innocents, it means general mayhem in the general population. Maybe it’s just your prose style, but get your head out of your MFAss.

  5. Rachel – Please, feel free to provide me with any kind of proof, that would be links to news or police reports about how the police force is going to be stretched any thinner this week than they were 3 weeks ago, or about the last time an innocent person in the silver lake area was hit during a drive-by shooting, or really anything at all to back up your baseless “general mayham in the general popluation” claim. If you can’t, then I’d suggest it’s you you need to pull your head out of your ass because I can’t remeber the last time I read about an innocent person getting hit by a stray bullet and I’m not positive but I’m pretty sure there hasn’t been a “drive-by” since 1991 when people were trying to copy boyz n the hood.

  6. saw a SL13 tag on the 711 on Silver Lake blvd a week or so ago, and just thought it was funny that someone was tagging stuff w/ the name of the city. how naive am i?

  7. Actually Sean, while not wanting to do anything to negate your response to “Rachel,” unless I’m misunderstanding you, there was a drive-by at Sunset and Parkman in Silver Lake in early September that resulted in the death of the perps’ intended victim in the parking lot behind Tom’s Burgers. I’m not sure if the deceased was “innocent” or not but he’s certainly dead.

  8. Will – Actually that was a walk by. If we’re talking about the same thing. Several eye witnesses saw a guy walk up to the other guy and shoot him and then run away. But regardless, that’s the person he was trying to shoot so that doesn’t really back up Rachel’s hysteria of stray bullets.

    Cybele – Yes I did, but you know me, I’m loco!

  9. Since I live in Hollywood, I’m showing a sign of solidarity by spending plenty of time doing my own drive bys and tagging, not to mention a little pimping. I’m hooked on Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

  10. Cool Sean. With prelim reports of that shooting I thought I remembered reading mention a vehicle. Or I’m just making shit up in my old age.

  11. I just can’t understand why people would fight over turf that they don’t even own in the first place. If it was their land I’d maybe understand it. Not real smart.

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