I can get you into those mouse ears for zero points

Today I was looking at the Disneyland web site for a way to save some money on tickets. Anybody know a good deal? I think that it says something about your ticket prices if people have to pay on time to go to an amusement park.

You can take up to six months to pay before the interest kicks in.

2 thoughts on “I can get you into those mouse ears for zero points”

  1. Except for the So Cal resident discount, and sometimes coupons at Albertsons, there is never a secret deal. Even folks who work for Mouse subsidiaries can’t get a deal.

    You can always check http://www.mouseplanet.com or http://www.mousesavers.com for any tips on other discounts for hotels, food, and general Disney visit tips.

    Best investment I’ve made was a pair of SoCal Select Annual Passports for $99 each… the cheapest version. Every weekend, all summer, and a number of dates in between are blacked out for me – but that means I only go on the off season, any time I want, and both parks, for the cost of two day tickets. And a matching parking pass is only $30.

  2. I second the SoCal passport idea. I believe it’s about the same cost as a ticket for both Disneyland and California Adventure. And despite all the jokes and its relative failure, California Adventure is a lot of fun. Soarin’ Over California is amazing, and the Tower of Terror is a lot of fun too. And usually the lines are pretty short. If not there’s always the Fast Pass. And California Adventure has a great bar. Plus when you have the pass you don’t feel like you have to get to all the rides in one day to get your money’s worth. My boyfriend and I frequently stop by for 3 or 4 hours or so and maybe go on 2 rides and it’s essentially free. They’ll also let you upgrade your pass to one with less blockout days later on, if you so desire. And despite my sales pitch, I’ve never worked for Disney.

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