Where’s KROQ?

For at least the last 10 minutes 106.7 FM (KROQ) has been completely silent. We were just heading home and happened to put it on and got nothing. Anyone know what’s going on? Seems very weird that what might be the largest radio station in town is totally dead.

6 thoughts on “Where’s KROQ?”

  1. Oh, I was hoping they had come to the realization that they weren’t really “alternative” rock and shut themselves down.

  2. Are these guys broadcasting in the HD radio format yet (HD radio is supposed to provide “CD-qualilty” FM and AM that sounds like the FM sound we are used to)? KROQ went dead in the process of upgrading their transmissions to HD? Hmmm…probably not.

    Frankly, Sirius and XM Satellite Radio ought to figure a way to segment their bandwidth a little more (yet retain their sound quality) and then let KROQ (or other prominent urban stations lease time on their satellites so we can hear LA radio nation-wide. Sirius could use a little more local flavor (have it on my Kenwood deck).

  3. Ah, this takes me back to KROQ’s heydey in the early 80s and the same thing happened in that all went quiet one evening for an interminable few minutes. When they finally came back on air, DJ Dusty Street (“fly low and avoid the radar”) let loose with a string of invectives that would’ve had Howard Stern cheering and then spun The Kinks’ “Around The Dial.” Radio magic.

  4. KROQ has been broadcasting in HD for a good long while, though I don’t know exactly when they started.

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