Disney Concert Hall is Cool

Disney.jpgOr rather, it will be anyway. When the $274 million building was finished 2 years ago people in LA and around the world were all “oh! ah! So pretty!” but people within a block or two were more like “What’s all the fuss? I can’t see anything except that glare!” and people right next door were all “AAAAAHHHH I’M BLIND!!!” I talked to one woman who lives sun bean adjacent and she said her cooling bill tripled during the summer. So, clearly things needed to be discussed. Last summer parts of the building were covered with unreflective tarps to help block the sunny death that was being rained all over the neighborhood, but now it looks like things are going to be fixed permantly. The Gehry firm has admitted that “mistakes were made” and is setting out with a gang of hand sanders to buff the glare right the hell off the mirrored steel in question. Which I guess is a better solution that figuring out a way to air condition 10 outside city blocks for 6 months a year.

Boing Boing has more.

One thought on “Disney Concert Hall is Cool”

  1. I popped over there for my lunch break last month when I had jury duty and it was really noticeable how much warmer it was on the grounds.

    I hope the surface texture change helps.

    My mother was in town last week and took a look at it and mentioned that Case Western Reserve (her alma mater and where she used to work) has huge problems with their slippery building as ice and snow slides right off in huge sheets and could really hurt someone one of these days.

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