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Pc_ricolgMarch 2005 in Los Angeles has been declared "desex in the city" month. What that means is that throughout the city, participating vets will be offering substantial discounts to people who choose to get their cats and dogs spayed or neutered. There has been a fairly large publicity effort throughout LA to promote this  campaign and I think that not only is it fabulous but it’s necessary. (see previous post about the current dog pound situation).

You really must go to the to read about what they are doing; which includes free gifts to those you spay/neuter this month from participating sponsors and a long list of participating vets. But what I think is most important are the "Things to Know About Spaying or Neutering Your Pet":

  1. You will reduce risk to your pet of certain diseases and cancers, especially those tied to reproductive organs.
  2. It will help deter many unwanted behaviors in pets such as aggression towards other animals (dog on dog or cat on cat).
  3. A spay or neutered dog will be no less protective of you, your home or your family than before he was fixed.
  4. Spaying
    or Neutering does not make your pet fat or lazy. Like people, too much
    food and not enough exercise is what makes and animal fat or lazy.
  5. Despite common myths your pet’s personality will not change after being spayed or neutered.
  6. A
    spay or neutered dog or cat actually has a much higher survival rate
    since they are less inclined to roam during their heat cycle, and
    therefore less likely to be injured in traffic or in a fight.

desex and the city : Spay and Neuter Campain is March 1-31, 2005.

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