Plasticman’s Birthday Party

64762771_s.jpg, filename=64762771_s.jpgOkay, so his name is Plasticfucker, but did I really want to put that in the title? Of course not. Anyway, for any who have not heard of this Plastic man, he is a Los Angeles based artist who is very quickly making his way around the world with his artwork (he was just featured in the Italian issue of Vogue last month). You may have seen some of his stuff around the Melrose shopping area, or really in any cool indie boutique around town. He is best known for his graphically designed prints of lego versions of famous folks like Michael Jackson and Debby Harry, to name a few. In any case, he is having a birthday party/solo exhibition of his work this Saturday at the Kutting Room (which is an actual salon) in Santa Monica (1221 2nd street). Not only will his work be up, but there will also be a live 80’s cover band, Neurotic City, who promise to cover lots of Prince and MJ, so that should be lots of fun. Plus you know there will be the typical art show stuff, like free booze, so come on down. I’m sure it will be one hell of a night.

p.s. it starts at 7pm and goes until 11, so don’t be late!

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