Mayoral Insight

This week LA Blogs decided to ask the Mayoral Candidates some questions compiled from members of LA Blogging community. These questions are posted here and it’s hopped that each candidate will respond in the comments there or post the answers on their own websites. All the candidates have been contacted so just looking at who replies and doesn’t is going to say a lot in my book. Questions include topics like transportation, landfills, traffic, housing prices, the importance of blogs, gay & lesbian and gun rights. All topics well worth discussing.

(And just to nip this one early on, Jonah asked several people for several questions and he decided what ones to include in the post so while the question from me that he posted is about guns I sent plenty of others that weren’t, I just want that known lest people start thinking I’m some gun crazy psycho. So there. Um… Anyone wanna go shootin’?)

Answers: Bill Wyatt |

5 thoughts on “Mayoral Insight”

  1. Hell yeah I wanna go shootin’! Next time you get a posse to the gun club, let me know. I don’t have my own gun but perhaps I can chip in for some ammo and targets and squeeze off a few rounds of the other smokewagons in attendance (or do they rent arms there?).

  2. Actually, the only reason I included sean’s question was because he held a, um, gun to my head.

    kidding of course. Thanks for the questions and the post, we will see if anyone responds. And, yes sean did provide non-NRA questions.

  3. Will – Rad! I’ll let you know. They rent guns there for $5 a pop so you’ll have no problem.

    Jonah – Great! I’ll link them here when they respond as well as to show our appreciation.

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