Save ‘Enterprise’ Rally…


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The Save Enterprise Rally took place on Friday in front of Paramount Pictures’ front gates. I’d estimate the turnout to be about a hundred protesters, and there were several media crews present as well.

Apparently I missed the most hilarious part, which was when a few Star Wars fans crashed the rally, dressed as Stormtroopers and Darth Vader. Shades of a Star Trek fan dressed as Spock crashing a Phantom Menace line that Triumph the Insult Comic Dog ridiculed a few years ago!

5 thoughts on “Save ‘Enterprise’ Rally…”

  1. Paramount should be doing -Enterprise- as pay-per-view by broadband internet. Then every geek in the world (not just the U.S. and Canada) could support the damn show and keep it afloat for a hundred years. Oh well, maybe Studios will catch up with this (old) idea in about 10 years.

    Time to “spend” on a Rally = Money to “spend” on a pay-per-view show.

  2. I love star trek. I woyuldn’t be watching lost on abc if Startrek hadn’t been moved to Fridays.

    I hope it doesn’t end and I hope we get more star trek . PAy per view :SOunds good.

  3. Blah, it all started going downhill with Voyager. The last great cast was on DS9. Star Trek sucks now. Paramount sucks too but that’s a different story.

  4. I appreciate the passion of the fans, but the fact is, Enterprise was just plain lousy. It had gotten so far away from what makes Star Trek great, it was Star Trek in name, only.

    When I see all these people, all over the country, spending insane amounts of time and energy trying to save this show, I kinda freak out. We’re about to lose the Hubble Space Telescope. Let’s put our time and energy into saving that.

  5. unfortunately Wil, Paramount’s probably much easier to convince than the US Government…

    Not only that, I’m willing to bet that the people spending time/money to save Trek probably know much more about Hubble and have probably already done more for it than the rest of the population.

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