Soho House in Los Angeles


Los Angeles knows luxory…the stars, the cars, the botox, and of course the Oscars. And who says that New York doesn’t want a piece of the action. The New York Post gossip section reports that the ultra-exclusive Soho House (you know, the one from Sex and the City where even Samantha isn’t cool enough to get in) is setting up shop in LA this weekend for the Oscars.

Soho House is moving to Los Angeles for Oscar week, offering celebrities pampering treatments like a massage with $6 million worth of colored diamonds from Diamond Aquifer…

And thank heavens, you wouldn’t want all those ultra rich, fabulous stars and money-makers un-pampered and without diamonds. Phew…

4 thoughts on “Soho House in Los Angeles”

  1. Oddly enough, there’s no ‘dumpster photo pool’ on flickr.

    Perhaps you can start one, Putback.

  2. Also, apparently the stars leave carrying bags full of loot. They get bumble and bumble products, the new Visconti Fountain Pens from Italy, MAC products and Cowshed bath stuff.They also can get massages and manicures and pedicures.

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