Jet Blue Goes Burbank

I’ve never flown Jet Blue but I know people who have and they’re total retards about how amazing it is. I guess the DirectTV in the seats does that to them. The only complaint I ever heard (outside of them handing over all their clients personal info to the feds thus violating their own privacy policy a few years back) is that people had to drive to Long Beach to catch a lift. Well those days are over, or will be over soon enough (May 24th). The news from Franklin Avenue is:

“Jet Blue will take over the gates in Bob Hope Airport’s Terminal A that are expected to be vacated by Aloha Airlines. Aloha, which recently filed for bankruptcy, is leaving Burbank this year.

Writes the [paper]: JetBlue will launch the new Burbank-New York service with a promotional, $99 one-way fare. Regular one-way fares will range from $124 to $299, excluding security fees and taxes. The same fare range applies to the carrier’s Long Beach to New York flights.

By comparison, the one-way fare on a Delta flight for May 24 from Burbank to New York’s LaGuardia Airport, with a stop in Atlanta, was $159, a check of Delta’s website showed Wednesday. A United flight the same day from Burbank to LaGuardia, with a stop in Denver, was $270.

4 thoughts on “Jet Blue Goes Burbank”

  1. Gotta tell ya as a frequent jet blue traveler….they are the best! cheap…. and the people who work there have a great attitude!!!! I’m stoked they are flying from burbank soon….although seriously, if you go early or late, driving to Long Beach only takes 32 minutes (I’ve timed it) and LAX is 40 min from hollywood ….not to mention the ease of securtiy at LB vs LAX.

  2. This is really exciting news. I’ve been one of those driving down to LBC to fly to NY on Jet Blue and I really love that airline.


  3. Man oh man! Can’t wait! I’ve been one of those people who *wouldn’t* drive to Burbank, TV or no TV. But Burbank is eminently doable.

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