The first Devin Brown claim has been filed

At this point everyone knows the story about Devin Brown being shot to death by the LAPD. There’s been all kind of speculation as to where this will lead and it seems many of them were right. According to this story Devin Brown’s family has filed a suit against the city for wrongful death and civil rights violations. From the story:

The Feb. 6 shooting of Devin Brown was “one of the worst cases of a police homicide that we have ever seen,” lawyer Brian Dunn said at a news conference.

The claim contends the city is to blame for the boy’s “wrongful death arising out of excessive force” and also claims “deliberate indifference to the maintenance, training and control of the Los Angeles Police Department.”

“At most, what we have heard is that he was driving a car that didn’t belong to him,” Dunn said. “We don’t have the death penalty for that.”

The city Police Commission revised the LAPD’s shooting policy after the teen’s death. It now prohibits officers from firing at a moving vehicle unless the officer or another individual is threatened with deadly force other than the vehicle.

I have to agree with many of the comments in the last post that changing the policy so fast really backs up the feeling that the actions of this officer were out of line and will make it pretty hard for the city to turn down this kind of claim. If they do, that opens the doors for a lawsuit which I would guess is already being drafted.

4 thoughts on “The first Devin Brown claim has been filed”

  1. This is the worst thing ever. Any 13 year old kid who’s stealing a car at 3am on a school night will grow up into no better. Good riddance Devon, as that cop just saved the tax payers the thousands of dollars it’d cost to keep you in jail. So long!

  2. Hey Horse Crap, those thousands of dollars to keep Devon in jail just turned into the millions of dollars that will be awarded to his family when they win the wrongful death suit.

  3. Hey Think About It, I’m not the one who wrote the ignoramus post agreeing with the lawsuit. Think about it.

  4. First off, if the kid was white, this story would not have made it to the last page in most newspapers! Because the kid is black, it’s racist. Some jury will give the kid’s family 100 million dollars to make up for the wrongs of slavery 100 years ago. I’m getting tired of hearing about racist, we owe you because you are black, affirmative action promoting non qualified blacks and all the preferential treatment. Stop committing crimes, get married, stop having kids out of wedlock, get a high school diploma, stop smoking crack and get a job because no one owes you anything! I’m a Native American and you don’t hear us complaining!

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