radar love

I’m nerdy for a lot of things, but I’m super nerdy for weather. I mean, I’ve known the Beaufort Scale since sixth grade, I’ve got the Forecastfox extension on all my machines, and I own (and use) a barometer, which tells me right now that we’re at 29.35inHG, and I should count on mostly cloudy skies (but not rain) in Pasadena for the next 10-12 hours or so.

Like I said: weather geek. Because we rarely get “real” weather here in Los Angeles, I’m actually enjoying the massive storms that have been pounding our fair city for the last week.

Anyway, the point of this post is to share with b.la readers one of the greatest resources for weather geeks who live in LA: the Los Angeles weather homepage from the National Weather Service. If you get excited about Doppler 7000, you’ll love the live radar images that NOAA gives us. Unlike the images at The Weather Channel, these update every 4 minutes or so, so you’ll know *exactly* how long the current break in the storm (or downpour) will last.

2 thoughts on “radar love”

  1. i’m loving the weather right now as well..! having recently moved here from the southeast, the recent grey skies and occasional thunderstorm make me a little homesick… mind you that will all evaporate when the sun comes out to stay for 6-7 months…

    now if i can get my co-workers to stop blaming me for the bringing the rain with me… :)

  2. If you are a true weather geek, get a HDTV set and receiver and tune to the KABC 7.3 feed. You will see Doppler 7000+ radar 24/7 on your television.

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