Live on Stage: A Giant Ball of Light!

secretmachines022105.jpgOr maybe that’s just what it looks like if you take a picture while the band is pointing strobe lights at the audience. Tonight I went to the Avalon to see the Moving Units and the Secret Machines. Aside from the fact that we got totally soaked running there from the Hollywood and Vine Metro stop, it was fun. The bands were rockin’ enough that I almost forgot I was wearing wet socks.

It was an all ages show, which meant that from where we were sitting in the balcony, we could look down on the kids below, who sat on the floor to claim their spots near the stage as they waited for the show to start. If I knew any teenage girls in L.A., I’d have to ask — are you aware that when you sit on the floor in those low pants, all the people in the balcony can see a little too much of your butt? (I’ve been known to wear the low-rise pants myself, but I’m way too self-conscious to allow something like that to happen.)

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