9 thoughts on “‘I Park Like An Idiot’…”

  1. The other thing I wish they’d come out with is a bumper sticker that says “I am not a compact” for those damn SUV’s that park in spaces marked, well, “compact”.

  2. how about “i am a chicken shit moron and don’t pull out into the intersection when turning left” bumper sticker? it could be kinda like a wrap around the car for all to behold deal.

  3. What’s wrong with not pulling out into the intersection when turning left? LA is the only city I’ve lived in where that’s the norm.

  4. LA is the only city where lots of lazy n’ dangerous driving habits are the norm.

    Why do you think it’s ok to float over into my lane and cut me off while going 10 m.p.h. slower than me w/o signaling?

  5. why is it the norm here oren?

    what, are people worried that the other driver facing you that’s also turning left is gonna hit you? doesn’t the fact that your both turning left negate the chances of running straight into each other? or, am i living in some sort of bizarro universe where steering wheels are locked for straight ahead only?

    oh yeah, it’s LA

  6. michael, its actually for the people in back of you, since most left turns here can only happen as the light is turning yellow. if you dont pull out, then you are effectively limiting their chance to also make a left turn in that traffic light cycle.

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