101 Flooded!

4218964.jpgSounds like you didn’t want to be anywhere near the 101 last night, especially within a few miles of the Santa Monica overpass since it was flooded. About 6:30PM the CHP started getting calls that cars were stuck in knee deep water which quickly resulted in one hell of a traffic jam and all lanes eventually being closed. I live pretty close to that exit and there must have been foot deep river running down our road about that time so I’m sure driving was an absolute nightmare.

2 thoughts on “101 Flooded!”

  1. I was on the 101 just as the traffic jam started but before anyone knew what was going on. Usually I make the wrong driving decision but this time I decided to exit at Hollywood Blvd. and as I was waiting at the light right off the exit, I heard about the flood on the radio. Pure blind luck.

  2. getting off the freeway is almost always the best decision you can make. you should always know how to get where you’re going via surface streets. it’s not always faster, but you’re less likely to get stuck there.

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