Tom Green Trumps Dave Navarro

It’s been discussed recently that Dave Navarro is the king of LA Bloggers. Tony Pierce actually made the call because Dave was blogging about hanging out with some Suicide Girls but all that went straight in the crapper this morning when Tom Green made a video blog post about coffee. See, posts about hot chicks are rad, and I’m no one to knock that – however bloggers are nerds, nerds who love their coffee. So while reading Dave’s site about hot chicks and rock and roll might be fun, he’s more of a patron saint, someone we aspire to be like. But Tom walking around his house with a video camera, making coffee and rushing back to his computer to post the clip he just filmed hits too close to home.

Tom loves coffee.

I love coffee.

Because of this I’m officially changing my vote to Tom Green for king of LA Bloggers. Sorry Dave, maybe you could tell us about the coffee they have in the studio? However, Tom does need an RSS feed.

UPDATE: Tom blogs our blog but doesn’t know what an RSS feed is. I’m trying to help. Stay tuned.

4 thoughts on “Tom Green Trumps Dave Navarro”

  1. Wil Wheaton is really messed up on drugs now, man. He can’t see straight anymore. He spent all his money on crank and now has to prostitute his body on Van Nuys Blvd. Even Kevin Spacey won’t deal with him now. Says he doesn’t bathe enough for his taste.

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