End of an era

You probably noticed the dumpster is gone. That was a very hard decision because damn, I loved that dumpster. It’s funny because that dumpster was just sitting outside of sixspace for months and one day I thought I’d just snap a shot of it. When Jason and I were designing this site we tried out a lot of photos. Lots of streets, lots of trees, nothing really felt right until I had the idea to try the dumpster. For some reason it just fit and we ran with it. Actually, our initial plan was to create several banners that would load differently at different times but we never really got around to that, so the dumpster remained.

Since then we’ve been setting up lots of other city sites for people all over the world always using blogging.la as the template – all the way down to the one simple image as the header. As with anything the more people you bring into a conversation the more ideas start floating around and we found that in some other cities those people liked a lot of images rather than one. And some people wanted to be able to change theirs all the time rather than having something static. So Jason started hacking and messing around with flickr and before long a new idea was born. Once we started talking to people about it we felt really bad leaving blogging.la out of the fun and decided that we’d give it a shot here too.

So, the dumpster has been retired and replaced with what we hope will be a bit cooler. This new header is rebuilt automatically everyday with random images that the bloggers here have submitted to our Metroblogging Los Angeles flickr group. This means the header will be a different set of photos every day, and in theory, be a more accurate representation of Los Angeles. At least a more accurate representation of the way we see it.

And while the dumpster ruled moving away from it was not something I was excited about, I have to say I think this new idea is going to be better. I hope you agree. And, what better way to end this sappy rant than to show off one of the original mock ups for the header that we ended up using. Just think, if things had gone a little differently one day you could have been staring at this for the last year or so…

8 thoughts on “End of an era”

  1. I like the mock-up but it’s missing the pedestrian getting crumpled by the Mercedes driver who is, in turn, flipping off said pedestrian for being in the crosswalk in the first place. Then of course you have the guy on his cell phone in the car behind the Mercedes who rear-ends said Mercedes. Those two drivers procede to pummel the crap out of each other before LAPD arrives and shoots both of them and the pedestrian. Oh yeah, it’s raining and the whole thing is being covered by no less than 6 network news helicopters.

  2. I vastly preferred the dumpster which seemed to me to capture perfectly the “real” LA — speaking as a 4th generation Angeleno I like to think I know what that is.

    Whatchu got now looks like a gAOL “fun travel site!” banner. I hate it. I vote change it back.

  3. I think we should have young blonde women with fake boobs on the banner because, to me, that’s what LA is really all about!

  4. oh well. things change. now b.LA matches all the other metroblogging sites. just one of many. no longer unique. maybe i’ll start hanging out at blogging.karachi instead. oh well. (so it goes)

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