AFI @ the Arclight Series for March


The AFI at Arclight series continues on its “100 Heroes & Villains” with full-speed ahead. After seeing JAWS there earlier in the month, I can attest to how much fun it is to see these older movies, and scary/intense/moving ones at that, on Arclight’s big and beautiful screen. In case you didn’t know, these screening series take place every Wednesday night at 8pm. Sure, you may miss LOST and Alias but isn’t that what Tivo is for?

Coming up in the next few weeks (see list below) are some amazing classics and, quite frankly, movies that will be fun to watch in a theater full of people. The one I’m most excited about? Mommie Dearest. Damn, Faye Dunaway is scary in that movie. And how hilarious is it that Joan Crawford is considered a movie villain? All of this is simply further affirmation that the Arclight is THE place to watch movies in Los Angeles.

March 2: Serpico
March 9: Mommie Dearest
March 16: Spartacus
March 23: Dr. No