Advice from the other side of the country

I’ve always thought of the Oscars as something you watch on TV. It hadn’t occurred to me that lots of people come to town for the big event and are looking for other fancy-schmancy stuff to do while they’re here. The New York Times has posted a travel article (free reg. required) offering high-budget tips for anyone heading to L.A. this week. I don’t plan on hanging out at Chateau Marmont or even the Arclight anytime soon (if I’m paying $14 for a movie, it has to be a very special movie), but it’s nice to know which spa gets to pamper Johnny Depp. And hey, if you’ve got $2,995 lying around, why not rent a Rolls-Royce Phantom for the day?

My plans for next Sunday are to walk down the block to my friend’s annual Oscar party. She sent out the invites today, and asked that everyone bring something with an Oscar nominee theme (examples given: Aviator hot wings, Johnny Depp dip). If anyone has any recipe suggestions that would be clever, tasty, and relatively easy to make, let me know. The name Lemony Snicket sounds like it has potential…

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  1. From what I’ve heard, Million Dollar Baby Back Ribs are already on the list! But I love the mashed potato idea — I may have to use that.

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