An End to Indie 103.1?

There’s been a lot of love/hate of Indie 103.1 on this blog since the station started broadcasting a while back and now it seems as if the one major thorn in it’s side, it’s Clear Channel connection, might be the thing that kills it. And right when it was really starting to get good. This speculation is from Franklin Avenue:

“It all has to do with caps on how many radio stations one company can control in a market. As you know, Clear Channel sells ad time on KDLD/KDLE Indie 103.1, which is actually owned by Spanish-language station owner Entravision. Because Clear Channel already owns eight stations in Los Angeles, it appears that the station owner will eventually have to divest of the joint sales agreement, or JSA, it has with Entravision to sell the station’s time. (JSAs originally didn’t count toward that total — but under revised ownership and attribution rules, they now do.)

Once that happens, it’s highly unlikely Entravision will continue the Indie 103.1 format — at least, so goes the prevailing opinion in the radio community. Entravision will likely sell the frequency, given its weak penetration in East Los Angeles and other Spanish-speaking areas.”

The thing is, even if you don’t like Indie 103.1 for whatever reason, you can’t deny that it’s forced KROQ and others to step up a bit and play a bit better music and a bit less utter crap. Unfortunately if they go away it will take all of 10 seconds for radio to slide right back into the muck it’s been living in since the 80’s.

4 thoughts on “An End to Indie 103.1?”

  1. Man, i loved indie when it first came about… I think i was listening to it it’s first week it broadcast. But to turn it’s own dirty indie cliche on it, Indie sold out!

    It was always a clear channel station, but it was great for a while. They played different, interesting music (Remember during the first few months they had like three songs licensed – Peaches, Jem, and something else, and played Beastie Boys and The Clash every hour, on the hour?) for a while…

    I was listening last night because i left my iPod in my other pants (something that has made the radio all but useless, save Love Lines and Jonsey’s Jukebox) and heard Greenday followed by Newfound Glory! SERIOUSLY! I had to double check that I wasn’t listening to KROQ. Yeah, Indie played cool music for a lil bit, but the skeptical side of me says it was just THE MAN’s way of ushering in a new trend for us to swallow whole (which we did)…. After all, Franz Ferdinand and Modest Mouse are the new NSYNC and Backstreet Boys, no matter how many trips they make to Spaceland. As my roommate said, it’s only a matter of time before Arcade Fire plays at The Baitshop on THE OC.

    Indie schmindy. Fuck Indie.

  2. In addendum, some of the things that make it a Clear Channel station or a KROQ clone if you will…

    Concert Giveaways
    877-INDIE-XX phone number
    Dickie Barrett and Steve Jones ARE pretty much Kevin & Bean at this point
    Robins Bros and Sealey Sit & Sleep ads

    Who are we kidding people?

  3. Indie is going to die! The sky is falling! The end is nigh! Oh, wait, this was posted back in Feburary, and now it’s almost August, and, well, Indie is still on the air.

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