A tidbit of French Dip trivia (or controversy?)

I was checking out the Pacific Electric Lofts site and came upon this little interesting tidbit:

Cole’s P.E. (Pacific Electric) Buffet located on the ground floor (now simply known as Cole’s), is the oldest continuously operated restaurant and bar in Los Angeles and is the true originator of the French Dip Sandwich.

Of course, Phillipe’s says on its website that they are the “Home of the French Dipped Sandwich.”

Who can (rightfully) claim this fame?

5 thoughts on “A tidbit of French Dip trivia (or controversy?)”

  1. I always gave Cole’s P.E. the edge in that battle because of the age thing (they were open first), but i really wasn’t around at the time…

  2. I have to go with Cole’s they are much better.

    Unless it has to do with the fact they are much closer to my house.

  3. How can one be much closer? They’re about 7 blocks apart? (Unless you mean walking and/or live in the lofts).
    Cole’s is okay, Phillips is okay. There was actually an entire Food TV special about the two and the competition as to who was the originator.

    Phillips is nice because it’s so cheap and Cole’s seems to always be closed for filming… also, if you’re talking parking it’s no contest for Phillips. I prefer Philly Cheesesteaks…

  4. Coles and Phillipes are a little over a mile apart. Most places Downtown Coles is going to be closer.

    I have to agree with the votes for Coles as better sandwiches. The one I had at Phillipes just sort of seemed like they had made a lot of them and then had them ready behind the counter. At Coles I can watch them make it.


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