ELF: the (cheap) reader’s best friend

I’m a huge fan of L.A.’s public library system, especially since they added holds and branch delivery to their online catalogue system.

Unfortunately, in this lazy-man’s age of feeds and aggregators, I find myself forgetting what I have checked out√≥and more importantly, what’s due√≥because while all that info is readily accessible from my online account, I actually have to drag my keister to the LAPL site to get the skinny.

That is, I did…until now! (Mmm…marketing-fresh!) Via the geek heaven that is S.F.-based Merlin Mann’s 43 Folders I was hipped to ELF, a free site/service that keeps tabs on your checked-out items and e-mails you when the due date is approaching. It’s in beta right now, but it’s already saved me a few bucks in overdue charges (see left) and I figure it can’t make me any worse at returning items on time.

I added the LAPL and the Beverly Hills Public Library (BHPL) to the database, so all you library-heads can just sign yourselves up on ELF and you’re off to the races.

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