Coop Case Dismissed!

Last week I posted about the Coop fan who was busted for the devil girl sticker on his car. Well, the case has been dismissed! However, we were told that “the judge did so Without Prejudice, which means the NM authorities are still free to file other charges against him in the future.” I guess we’ll just have to see what happens now but thank the sweet baby Jesus this this obnoxious abuse of power was thrown in he crapper.

One thought on “Coop Case Dismissed!”

  1. Can interpret this dismissal to mean that the Judge was suspicious about this particular detective.

    Still, even though it’s “Without Prejudice,” I think the case will make NM law enforcement think twice about investing their time in hassling Coop sticker displayers.

    Still the defendent should definitely makle sure he doesn’t drive with a tail-light out or do anything to attract unnecesarry law enforcement attention for a few years. Donating to one of those “Friends of Police” (FOP) organizations and applying one of their car decals might not be a bad complement to the Coop “devil girl” decals, also :) Might even get a few smiles from police.

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