Not My Thai

So my hubby and I decided to go out for dinner tonight and thought we’d go somewhere close by. There happens to be a Thai place on the corner across the street from our house, so we thought we’d try there since we didn’t really want to go far and Thai food is a favorite of ours. When we got there at first we thought the place was great. Low music, low lighting, nice wait staff. We ordered our food, substituting tofu for all the meat in the dishes, and waited…. when we got the food I decided I’d rather just be at home. We ordered a red curry that was more like pink coconut milk along with hawaiian fried rice that tasted more like salt than anything. Even our appetizer was funky. We got vegetable rolls that tasted like they had been frozen for years. They weren’t greasy, which was nice, but they were stiff like twigs instead. As I said, the wait staff were all very nice, but the food was just terrible. It tasted like the Taco Bell of Thai food. Yuck! I don’t really want to post the name of this place, but I will say it’s on the corner of Fountain and La Brea, and if you ever see it, run the other direction, fast!

5 thoughts on “Not My Thai”

  1. i recently tried a thai place down the street from my culver city bungalow… Siam Best on Washington and Lincoln. I’m pretty sure it’s as generic and chain as OCHA Thai, but it actually tasted pretty decent – the Wanton Soup was decadence, the shrimp didn’t suck (shrimp may be the most ruined food in los angeles restaurant cuisine), and they gave me a bounty of food for a meager price. Overall – very satisfied. Open til 11pm, free delivery – I WILL be back. On a related note, though, what’s up with Thai fried rice – it just sucks. No excuses, no questions – i’ve never had decent fried rice at a thai restaurant.

  2. call me a sucker, but i keep finding myself at eat n high thai, even though i know there’s far better thai to be found.

  3. I consider myself very fortunate to live directly across from Leela Thai.

    Mmmmm…. Red Curry so yummy!

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