Goodbye Mr Gelson

I tried to find an e-version of this at the Gelson’s website, but had no luck. So I’m re-typing this from a Gelson’s circular I received; photos are also from the same source.

A message from: Robert Stiles, President, Gelson’s & Mayfair Markets and
Bernard Briskin, Chairman of the Board.

It is with deep sorrow that we inform you of the passing of Bernie Gleson on the morning of January 10, 2005. Mrs. Ellyn Gelson, Bernie’s wife, informed us of the sad news. Bernie was 84 years old and had been struggling with medical issues for a number of years.

Bernie and his late brother Eugene were the original founders of Gelson’s and opened the first Gelson’s Market in 1951 in Burbank. Withi superior customer service and quality products as the foundation for their new business, the community embraced their high standards of excellence which allowed them to go on to open a chain of upscale supermarkets.

Bernie retired from Gelson’s in December 1986. For those of us who had the privilege and pleasure of working directly with him, we each have our own personal memories of Bernie. It is with certainty that all of us at Gelson’s have been impacted by Bernie’s desire 54 years ago to open a superior supermarket and we’ve had the privilege and opportunity to expand upon and to carry on his success and legacy of excellence.

If you wish to send cards and letters of condelence, please direct them to:
Gelson’s Market, Attn: Gelson Family
PO Box 1802, Encino, CA 91426-1802

We will ensure that they are delivered to the Gelson Family.