We’re Congested!

AAA has released their survey of the most congested highways in the country and to no surprise, we’ve got 2 of the top 9! Round of applause everyone, pat yourselves on the back.

Los Angeles, CA Interstate I-710 Freeway This freeway currently carries over 47,000 trucks per day. This is almost equivalent to 15 percent of the nation’s total sea-borne cargo volume. The movement of goods to, from and through southern California will continue to grow as the region’s economy does. The existing configuration cannot handle current truck and traffic volumes and the anticipated increases will make the heavily congested conditions even worse.

Los Angeles, CA US 101/405 Interchange Located in the San Fernando Valley area north of Beverly Hills, this intersection handles commuters headed for downtown Los Angeles from west and north of the city. Traffic congestion lasts for about five hours every weekday afternoon.

Funny, “whatever freeway stands between Sean and where ever he’s trying to go anytime he’s in a rush” didn’t quite make the list. Must have been just below the cut off point.

One thought on “We’re Congested!”

  1. Surprisingly though, i rarely find the I710 crowded. Usually I observer the I110 and the 605 to be the worst of the North-South freeways. Even though the I710 doesnt have the carpool lanes.

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