Time to complain about asshats on cell phones

I was leaving the office tonight while trying to make a left onto some-major-street from a left turn lane. Two cars ahead of me, a driver nearly plowed into a guy crossing the street. The driver swerved, hit the brakes, causing the car ahead of me to brake suddenly and hit the horn. Lucky for me, I hadn’t been tailgating, so I was just barely taking my foot off the brake as all this was happening.

From my angle, I did manage to see the pedestrian bang loudly on the hood of the first car, yell a few (shall we say?) “pleasantries,” and give the driver a one-finger salute with the hand that he wasn’t using to hold his cell phone to his ear. (For the record, the driver was not on a cell phone.) The pedestrian had been oblivious to traffic around him and decided to cross the street from the sidewalk at a place not-too-close to the crosswalk, despite the fact that there were vehicles coming at him.

Nice to know that asshats on cell phones can be just as hazardous outside of cars as they can inside them.

8 thoughts on “Time to complain about asshats on cell phones”

  1. Did the pedestrian have right-of-way? Cars weigh 30 times a typical pedestrian and are going much faster. KE = 1/2 * m * v^2. Pedestrian always loses. That’s why drivers have to be alert, licensed. We’re born with feet and legs. IMO, that’s the mode of transportation that should get priority.

    All too often I’ve seen the reverse, as a pedestrian, where it is a driver concentrating on the conversation in their ear, and not on the crosswalk they’re turning left into. I’ve slapped many a hood and trunk while running (always obeying traffic laws and pedestrian signals, natch). Telephones and driving are a dangerous mix.

  2. Does the pedestrian had the right of way if he’s not at the crosswalk, not acting as if he had any intention of crossing the street and then suddenly decides to cross the street?

    The light had turned, the driver looked to see that the road was clear but the asshat basically walked in front of the moving car, not realizing traffic had already started moving.

    Yes, pedestrians should get priority, but if he should probably exerise some awareness of his surroundings, too.

  3. I drive down a straightaway every morning that has no crosswalks and has heavy morning and afternoon traffic. Unfortunately, it’s also a residential area with only two crosswalks, one that’s at a traffic signal and one that’s about 1/4 mile down the street with only two signs. I remember one time when I was driving through there in a lane of traffic that was several cars deep with a couple ahead of me, traveling at the speed limit, only to have to slam on my brakes to avoid hitting some moron walking two mangy-looking dogs who figured that he didn’t have to use a crosswalk and would just dive right out into the middle of moving traffic.

    I know that pedestrians have the right of way, but stepping out in front of a car that’s not even 10 feet away and traveling 30+ mph with several cars behind it is bullshit. His dogs would have been the first to go if I wasn’t paying attention, and he had the gall to start yelling at me to “slow the f*ck down”, etc. I yelled back, “It’s moving traffic, dude. Your dogs don’t need to die just because you’re an idiot.” He got pretty irate, but…jesus. I guess his parents told him that playing in the street was all good as long as you’re a dick about it.

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