Moore Getting Noticed?


The LA Moyoral candidate you haven’t been hearing too much about is Walter Moore, actually, I take that back, you probably have been hearing quite a bit about why you haven’t been hearing about him. He’s been excluded from many televised debates up to this point but after a few recent radio debates, and if these polls mean anything then people might actually be starting to notice. Politics aside, I personally think it’s pretty cool that someone without crazy money behind them has been able to get this kind of attention. Apparently if he gets 125,000 votes then there will be a run off… this race might get interesting yet.

4 thoughts on “Moore Getting Noticed?”

  1. And of course we all know just how secure and reliable those web polls are… Oh wait, they aren’t.

    If I wanted to I could go to the site and cast 400 votes for Alarcon. That would tell us just as much as we know right now.


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