Merriam Webster doesn’t own those words! She just spelled them right!

Okay LA, I want to know what online dictionary you use.

(This is not just a work-harried effort to stay vital…I really want to know)

I used, but recently I tried to look up a word and it said that word was in the subscription accessible-Unabridged Dictionary. “How dare they charge me for my words?” I yelled from the rooftop as lightning struck my tricorn hat from my head. I’ve noticed everybody seems to use, but that seems so lame. Please LA, help me find a better, non-swindler online dictionary.

UPDATE: This post was deemed “related to LA” (at gunpoint…he had the gun, not me!) because it was the biggest captive audience Matt could find for the question and because there are a lot of people in LA who can read or write and might want to know the answer. Touche’

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  1. I had that experience with recently, too, but now it seems to be accessible, so I guess I’m sticking with them for now.

  2. i use to use a lot… mostly because i don’t have to spell it right to get suggestions…

    if i know i’m spelling something correctly, i use google, type in something like “define:provocative” (w/o the quotes) and it gives me results from several different sources…

  3. Well, for spelling, if you use OS X, you can control click anywhere and drag down to spelling and turn on “Check as you spell.” It takes that cool MS Word function and applies it to everything you type on your computer.

    Dictionary dot com is ugly, but the mozilla plugin works (to emulate in safari, use AcidSearch), and Thesaurus dot com is way way better than the thesaurus…
    If you think premium is out of line, stay away from OED dot com (Oxford English Dictionary) – it’s like $30 a month i think – i used it all the time at school though.

  4. Download 1-ClickAnswers from – it is awesome! is an online website like except it is more powerful. However, the genius is in the downloadable app that lets you do research on any word or set of words that appear in any application. For example (once you have installed the tiny app) let’s say that you are reading an email and in the email you see the words “It has become a chicken-or-the-egg quandary” and you don’t know what they mean by “chicken-or-the-egg”. Simply select the phrase “chicken-or-the-egg” and hit the hot-key combo for the “answers” application. It brings up the tiny app (called 1-Click Answers) and shows a brief paragraph explaining what is meant by “chicken-or-the-egg”. Pretty damned handy (and it’s free!).

  5. I use to use because as long as I know the gest of a word I could find the correct spelling.

  6. Lame point of order: “Merriam Webster” ain’t no “she.” In fact it’s actually several dudes, namely Noah Webster who created the original dictionary, followed by George and Charles Merriam who pretty much carried the baton after Noah kicked off in 1843. So it’s Merriam-Webster.

    Excuse me while I try to go get a life now.

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