Bowling for dollars for budding creative types

The Virginia Avenue Project is a terrific, Santa Monica-based after-school program that couples the performing arts with one-on-one mentoring to help at-risk kids realize their full potential. They’ve been around since 1992 and have a staggeringly impressive success rate with the kids in the programófinishing high school, going on to college, etc. Having met several of the VAP’s members in my time here in L.A., I’m not surprisedóthey’re some of the nicest, smartest, most talented people I’ve met, and those aren’t qualities you usually find peacefully co-existing in anyone, much less performing artists.

Like every other do-gooder organization in this sad, sad world we’re living in, their government and corporate funding are on the decline. To help buoy things up, they’re having an Extreme Bowling Fundraiser on Sunday, March 6 and inviting interested parties either to join in (it’s an “a-thon”, so you sign up and collect pledges) or pledge a bowler. You can put together your own team of five or, if you have no friends, they’ll stick you on a team with a bunch of other losers (kidding! kidding!).

If you collect pledges and play, you’ll not only get that warm, fuzzy feeling, but pizza, soda, shoes and such. You can be a good bowler or notóit’s more about getting out there and raising some hell (and some bucks) for a really good cause.

If you’re interested in bowling, you can email me at communicatrix -at- gmail -dot- com for a PDF, or call Tom Carroll of the VAP at (310) 264-4224.

If you just want to send ’em the love, make your check payable to Virginia Avenue Project and send it to them at 3000 W Olympic Blvd, Santa Monica, CA, 90404. Tax-deductible, of course!