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tc.jpgFinally browsing through the current L.A. Weekly, I admit that with a snicker and a shiver I hurried on past the page-six Scientology ads fronted by The Simpsons’ Nancy Cartwright and King of Queens’ Leah Remini hawking respective seminars at the church’s Franklin Avenue Celebrity Center on “Making It In Voiceovers” and “Making It In the Industry” (no doubt with L. Ron & Co.’s help, of course).

But much deeper into this issue I just couldn’t make as quick a getaway from the promo for some sort of performance at the Wilshire Theatre February 26 by Tommy Chong cheesily headlined with “The legendary stoner’s busted out and we’ve got him!” Titled The Marijuana Logues and billed as Tommy’s “first gig since leaving the joint,” I’m not sure what to expect… especially since the ad credits three writers, none being Chong. Is it an in-his-own-words affair dealing with his arrest, trial and nine-month incarceration for the heinous crime of making and selling bongs on John Ashcroft’s watch? Or perhaps we’re to be treated to an evening of silly songs and sketches celebrating who he was, is, and shall now become. Hey man… part of me would love to go cheer him on for emerging from such an overkill of an ordeal with the ability to toke and joke about it, but then again tix are only available through Ticketbastard. Convenience fee, my ass.

5 thoughts on “Toke Show”

  1. Mr. Marin has done better for himself.

    In retrospect, the stuff that I remember about Cheech & Chong is the non-drug stuff that the critics tend to ignore – “Sister Mary Elephant,” the kid in his house recording “Get Out of My Room,” etc.

  2. There was an interesting interview of Chong on Fresh Air last week. I found the details of his “bust” and trial for selling bongs online interesting. The DOJ/DEA were really after him!

  3. I heard a radio spot for this show last week. In the spirit of “The Vagina Monologues,” this is Chong performing monologues primarily concerned with the happy herb. Not about him, but about weed.

    I was somewhat interested in seeing the show, but I’m with you. TicketBastard can lick my pucker.

  4. One of my favorite Real Time with Bill Maher episodes had three guys reading selections from The Marijuana Logues. Hilarious, but I don’t think stunt casting will convince me to give up seeing Duran Duran at Staples Center, scheduled for the same night.

  5. Knock, knock, knock…..?..Hey, it’s me Dave man I got the stuff. Open up!…..knock knock knock…? Who is it? It’s me Dave man, I got the stuff, OPEN up..!…..Knock knock knock!! Who is it? it’s me DAVE man, I got the stuff, now open up..!….Dave’s not here…intro guitar riffs..or something to that affect. Still funny


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