Dave Navarro: Blogger

A few months back we, and every other LA Blog mentioned that Dave Navarro had started blogging. Yesterday Tony Pierce christened him King:

dave navarro reminds us that he’s the king of la bloggers. unconvinced? when was the last time you typed, “Not too long ago I shot some pictures of my friend, Suicide Girl, Voltaire.” or got 76 comments. or announced that your side band will be opening for ozzy?”

Then Matt Welch adds to it:

“Dave Navarro Has a Weblog: And he also has a hilarious radio show, where he cold-calls various stripper friends and interviews rock weirdos, on the fabulous Indie 103.1, which just keeps on getting better.”

I have to say that when the launched the blog, I read it was was like, eh, band news, and hadn’t been back. But after looking through it yesterday it’s actually pretty entertaining. I’ve also started warming up to 103.5 a bit, which at this point is pretty hard not to do when Steve Jones is playing The Ruts and Sham 69 every time I happen to turn it on.

UPDATE: Dave takes the crown!

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