8 thoughts on “truth in advertising”

  1. Pretty funny, but you’d think if they could afford the billboard, they could have afforded an editor who knows how to use commas. I guess it’s to be expected from the party of Mr. Nucular himself.

  2. that is great! i love it. every person on that billboard irritates me. it’s like a big board of irritation. name one person/moron on that billboard that does not try to spoon feed you your conscience.
    michael–boring sidney boring.
    Seangreat actor/stupid vacationer.
    chevy—-not funny for a long time. was he ever?
    barbara–PIG, need i say more?
    ben-bad actor/loud mouth.
    whoopi—just go the fuck away already.

    damn, they forgot madonna and rosie—-BLEECH

  3. Yeah, I almost took out that dancing Jesus guy and a tour group elderly asians trying to take that same photo. And my parents wonder why I scoff at the “reaching across the aisle” comment.

  4. While a comma might have given the statement a more sarcastic tone, the current version isn’t grammatically incorrect.

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