Looks like Wireless service in LA might get a lot better soon

Mike over at The Wireless Weblog kicks out the news:

“The City of Los Angeles, Information Technology Agency, issued a Request for Information
(RFI OPA-061-05) on the subject of leasing antenna space on city assets by telecom
providers. This is very similar to New York’s
which lands that city $21 million annually in leasing antenna space on light poles, traffic lights, and
other city-owned properties to competing wireless companies. This RFI shows that LA is seeking a similar deal,
while extending wireless coverage… ‘To assist in expediting ubiquitous coverage and service the City of Los Angeles is
considering leasing its portfolio of City assets that would include, but not be limited to: City Streetlights for
Antenna Use, City Traffic Lights for Antenna Use, City Buildings for Antenna/Tower Use, City Telecommunication Centers
for Antenna/Tower Use.’ Interested parties have until Feb 24th 2005 to submit.”

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