Debates anyone?

I just found out that this Friday, Feb 11th at 2:00PM there will be a Mayoral debate right around the corner from the gallery so I think I’m going to run over and hear what they have to say. Looks like Alarcon, Moore, Parks and Villaraigosa are confirmed so far but others *might* show up? Anyway, it’s at the Annenberg Auditorium at USC. If they have wi-fi I’ll blog it live, if they don’t I’ll post shortly there after. If anyone else wants to come along, let me know!

In other news, LA Voice has the rundown on tonight’s debate.

3 thoughts on “Debates anyone?”

  1. These debates stink.

    Only becauase the candidates say teh same things over and over agian. same ol same ol.

    come up with something new . Then In will listen.

  2. Annenberg, like most of USC, does have wifi but you have to sign in to the VPN to connect out, which means you have to be a student or faculty. It makes sense as a general policy, but it would seem useful if they would have a way to enable guest access on certain nodes during public events.


  3. I can’t beleive I fell asleep during tontes debate. I usually don’t . What does that say about our candidates.

    Listen and pay close attention to our Downtown Computer and internet guru. He is connected.

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