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Here’s a nerd post to start your week off right. I’ve been digging around with the new stats program we’re running on blogging.la and thought this browser info was interesting enough to pass on to everyone. The current breakdown of browsers being used to access this site so far in 2005 is…

MS Internet Explorer – 61.9%
FireFox – 18%
Safari – 9.1%

The rest is a few percent each of: unknown, Mozilla, Netscape, Opera, NetNewsWire, Camino, and MultiZilla.

That IE stat is amazing, it’s going down like a Texas 8th grader. Only a few months ago it was over 80% and Safari was #2. Seeing FireFox growing like that is unstoppably cool. It’s also pretty nifty to see a number of people using the new NetNewsWire (an indispensable RSS reader) internal browser.

4 thoughts on “b.la Browser Stats”

  1. Awesome, and hopefully IE’s share will continue to drop. There are some things I prefer about Safari, but it’s mostly cosmetic, while Firefox’s advantages are more functional.

  2. The only one on that list I’ve tried is Adblock. It’s good, but sometimes it blocks things that aren’t ads, and once in a long while an ad sneaks through.

    Here’s my list of extensions:
    Configuration Mania
    Disable Targets For Downloads
    Image Zoom
    Popup ALT Attribute
    TinyURL Creator

    There are a few more that I use on my Windows machine, but I haven’t touched that machine in two months, and I can’t remember what they’re called. I think Compact Menu was one of them.

    Most of them should be available from http://texturizer.net/firefox/extensions/

    The rest should be available through the “Get More Extensions” link in the lower right corner of Firefox’s Extensions window. If not, just Google for them.

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