Which Mayoral Candidate is gun friendly?

Sorry to sound like a broken record recently it’s just something that has come up a lot. I promise to talk more about skunks outside of my house and banana espresso smoothies again soon. Anyway, there’s a discussion going on on a mailing list I’m on about which of the LA Mayoral candidates is most gun friendly, or at least which ones are definitely not. I’ll skip the description of what that might mean, you can probably figure it out on your own.

Just to recap, the candidates are: Wendy Lyons, Antonio Villaraigosa, Walter Moore, Addie Miller, Richard Alarcon, Martin Luther King Aubrey Sr., Bruce Harry Darian, Ted Crisell, Bill Wyatt, Bob Hertzberg, James Kenneth Hahn (our incumbent), Bernard C. Park. So does anyone know where any of these people stand? Do any of them feel like commenting here about it? Unfortunately this isn’t discussed on any of their websites so it’s pretty much an unknown.

The one person I do know about is Walter Moore, I e-mailed him asking about this a few weeks ago and he respond promptly stating: “I think any law-abiding adult citizen who undergoes a background check, passes a written test (re when the use of force is authorized and gun safety) and passes a skill test should receive a permit.” It’s no secret I definitely agree with that, but I’m very curious where the other candidates stand, and I’m pointing the mailing list to this thread so hopefully some info about the others can be posted.

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  1. sean: i don’t want to assume, but i take from your post that you feel that you need to be armed while out and about in the city. is that the case, or is there another reason.

    i wonder because having lived in your neighborhood (sliverlake-adjacent) for 10+ years and having spent a good amout of time downtown (admittedly not as much as you) i’ve never really felt threatened.

  2. When you asked Moore about it, what kind of permit were you talking about? A Carry Concealed Weapon permit or a permit to own a handgun? The first is controlled by the city, the second by the state. The only thing that he mentions that the state doesn’t currently do right now is the skills test, though I suppose it could be argued that the written test qualifies, though I don’t feel that it does.

    I haven’t been able to dig up too much, but Villaraigosa co-authored gun control bill S.B. 23 (increased penalties and wider definitions of assault weapons, larger capacity mags, etc.) in 1999 and Hertzberg authored A.B 1717 (California Ballistics Identification System) in 2000. Neither of which really answers your question, though Villaraigosa pushing for greater penalties should tell you something.

    I would say that, being Doemcrats, most of the candidates are probably for greater restrictions on guns. I doubt they would say it as such, however. Especially during an election.

  3. Slap – Not at all. As a gun owner the gun laws are of interest to me and I and it’s disturbing that I could be charged with a felony if I happen to use the wrong kind of bag to carry my handgun to the gun range. Coming from Florida where eveyrone has guns everywhere, it’s a bit more conforting knowing that not only thr bad guys have guns. While I don’t know that I’d want to carry a gun 24/7 or anything like that, knowing that other honest law abiding people were goes a long way.

    Stephen – LA is one of the strictist counties in the state of California so the questions I’ve asked have been along the lines of if that is something they are happy about or they’d like to change, be it though CCW laws or otherwise.

    And just to keep banging the drum about this, it’s not a Dem / Rep thing, that’s a massive myth that just keeps being repeated. There’s plenty of anti-gun republicans and plenty of pro-gun democrats.

  4. Hope you saw the info I posted to ca-firearms re the mayoral candidates. Like I said, Col. Cooper for Mayor! Otherwise, Hertzberg, just because he’s a guy that gets things done.

  5. I did, and I also like your idea of taking the cadidates shooting. I’ve been itching to get to the Gun Club myself so consider this an open invitation!

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