In a few minutes, I’ll head down the street to my friend’s Super Bowl party, but in the meantime, I’m watching the “Academic Decathlon SuperQuiz” on KLCS, in which teams of local high school kids battle it out quiz bowl-style in a school gym. Like the real Super Bowl, there are announcers in headsets and tons of screaming fans, but this competition has a LOT more geek appeal. I couldn’t even tell you who’s playing in today’s big football game (I’m only going to the party because I heard there will be cupcakes), but the SuperQuiz is right up my alley.

Ooh, it’s time for the final question.

Who built superior early telescopes and first used them for astronomical observation?
a) Galileo Galilei
b) Isaac Newton
c) Johannes Kepler
d) Nicolas Copernicus
e) Tyco Brahe

(The correct answer is A.)

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  1. Fred, if it had occurred to me to write a question down earlier, I would’ve picked a trickier one (about molecules forming a something-or-other). Maybe they decided to throw in an easy one at the end?

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