Lost on fried chicken


Getting ready to leave on a faraway trip to hong kong, there seemed to be an urgency to eat certain foods in the event that I should never return due to the plane crashing or falling in love. Well, you never know.

Fried chicken, is that americana? KFC is all over the damn world so maybe it is. But I’m not going to the colonel for god’s sake or even popeye’s. And its easy to say Roscoe’s but to be honest, whats the big deal about waffles? Like dating a girl with an extra toe, it makes no difference to me although many people are fans. But Stevie’s, thats my preference, having been located on the corner of crenshaw and jefferson for over 18 years. Supposedly having great gumbo, I always order the fried chicken and ribs combo. The chicken is always firm and moist with a crispy thin skin that breaks apart easily with a slow motion bite of the mouth, Not too peppery at all with a subtle but strong and distinct taste to the batter which probably includes cumin, paprika and a recipe that even veronica mars couldn’t find on the internet. Along with the two pieces of chicken is a nice stick of rib, not barbeque but slow steamed (maybe?) where the meat falls off easily…or you could use the generic white plastic knife they give you – which works! With some kind of gravy (you notice its ok to have “oriental” flavor but you will never see “african” flavor), the rib is found on top of a bed of white rice. You also get two side dishes, choices include corn on the cob, greens, mac & cheese (cost extra) or beans, I usually choose the fries which is lathered in the same chicken batter and a wet and sweet cole slaw.

There are several Kentucky Fried Chickens in hong kong and one located at the Great Wall of China. Stevie’s, however, has two locations. One on the strip (3403 Crenshaw Blvd) and an upscale restaurant in the valley (16911 Ventura Blvd, Encino) which includes a jazz bar.

4 thoughts on “Lost on fried chicken”

  1. Yum. This made my mouth water and yearn for my southern grandmas fried chicken. I gotta check it out! Thanks…

  2. Its really easy to find. 10 freeway, Crenshaw exit, go south for about a mile and its on the southwest corner. One day, bloggerla gatherings will have to expand their meetings to places outside diners and swanky bars..haha.

    Any you’re welcome!

  3. Okay bill, you are now in charge of the location for the next blogger.la meeting. And the food better be good!
    #1 on your agenda when you get back from HK.

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