This snark level goes all the way to 11

When jumped on the band wagon launched their “blog” last year they got a pretty rough welcome due to their policies and practices at the time. It’s all water under the bridge now but for some reason they still feel the need to beat up on other local blogs. While they’ve never had much for facts (funny, all the comments pointing out the problems in that post are gone) – going after for something they didn’t even write is just plain weak. Laurie at says:

The blog aggregator LA Blogs has reluctantly added “celebrity sightings” to its list of categories. We welcome the addition but wonder what rock its blogger Mademoiselle Internationale has been living under…

This post begs to ask, do they even know what they are talking about or are they just using words they’ve heard other people use without having any idea what they mean. Since they started out by hiring a blogger to teach their staff what blogging is, I’m guessing the latter. Let’s see… LA Blogs isn’t an aggregator. An aggregator is software that automatically pulls posts from different sites and collects them into one place which would be an app on your computer or on a webpage. The people, and by people I mean Jonah, behind LA Blogs actually read all these Los Angeles blogs and in addition to his own articles then posts links and snipits to ones he thinks are interesting. That’s a pretty big difference. Also, and this is what makes me think they are just making shit up as they go – “Mademoiselle Internationale” is not one of LA Blogs bloggers. You’d think since they just called it an aggregator they *might* at least know that some of the content originates some place else and is written by other people. I guess not.

Now, I don’t want to be a dick about this (shocking, I know) but it’s just lame to seeing a copycat site whose authors are paid a salary taking shots at a site run by a guy who gets paid nothing, does an insane amount of work for the sheer love of it, doesn’t even run ads, is the glue that hold all LA blogs togher, and is probably the inspiration behind half the blogs in town.

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